Daddy takes care of the baby together, the baby becomes more outstanding.
There is a kind of protection that accompanies growth!
Maybe my father is not good at words and will not say "I love you" on his lips,
but companionship is always the best gift for growing up.
But father's love will always be our support and confidence to keep moving forward.
Father's love and company make children more powerful.
Daddy takes care of the baby together,
and the baby becomes more outstanding. Daddy's love is different
Stricter and more technological, more secure!
We develop products to suit your needs
allowing your child to unleash their natural freedom
enjoy the wonderful journey of raising a baby,
Daddy will accompany you every step of the way.

Factory Situation

DaddyBaby is a large-scale modern maternal and infant hygiene products enterprise based on international resources integrating R&D, production and sales. It has Asia's first fully automatic Industry 4.0 diaper factory, covering an area of 320 acres, with world-class Japanese ZUIKO 500 PCS/minute and more than 50 inspections.

Fully Automatic Industrial (Level)
Innovation Patent Project(items)
Product Annual Output(Billion)
High Speed Production Line (items)
Dust-free sterile-food grade workshop(Level)

Brand Concept

Daddy takes care of the baby together, the baby becomes more outstanding

Brand Mission

Make every diaper and serve every family

Product Design Concept

Caring, considerate, innovative and attentive

Concentrate on polishing diapers that belong to

higher standards higher quality higher comfort

Let baby use safe diapers made of safe materials

It protects the baby's delicate skin,

allowing parents to choose with confidence and the baby to use it comfortably.