DaddyBaby supplier quality traceability journey-Henkel Germany & Nordson USA(5)

Fifth stop: Henkel Germany & Nordson USA

We traced raw material suppliers and had the opportunity to witness suppliers of production equipment and production processes, such as the century-old Henkel hot melt adhesive factory in Germany and the Nordson hot melt adhesive machine equipment factory in the United States, and learn from their safety management and the sustainability of lean production. development concept.

Innovation leads development, and science and technology can win the future. The rapid development of science and technology has provided more opportunities to fully realize its potential. Only efficient management processes and advanced technology can provide a strong guarantee for product production for the consumption experience of the broad family group.

If the supplier tracing journey is a test of DaddyBaby’s quality, then visiting the supplier’s factory is the other side of DaddyBaby’s quality.

With more than ten years of experience, DaddyBaby has continued to make efforts in upgrading hardware, strengthening raw materials, and investing in research and development to help accumulate brand reputation and continue to transform scientific research results into competitive products. It has 86 national technology patents so far, providing strong support for product research and development. Feeling confident.

Adhering to quality and putting users first, “making every diaper good and serving every family”, and always protecting a better and safer quality life for users, is the original intention and dream that DaddyBaby has always adhered to for more than ten years.

Times are changing, but DaddyBaby’s service philosophy of “protecting everything for the best” remains unchanged. Adhering to a solid, reliable and trustworthy brand image and further strengthening the international raw material traceability system will become an important strategy for DaddyBaby to build a strong supply chain, achieve leap-forward development of production and marketing, and embark on the road to internationalization, so that domestic products can be Brand and quality stand proudly on the world stage!

[Postscript] This trip to suppliers to trace their origins. Through on-the-spot inspections and exchanges, we will learn from the ingenuity culture of international companies, development inheritance, manufacturing supply chain symbiosis system, corporate on-site management, and collaborative symbiosis with the characteristics of each country. Starting from multiple dimensions such as mechanisms, drawing on the development concepts and mature management experience of international enterprises, and promoting mutual promotion and win-win cooperation, DaddyBaby hopes to provide users with the best products and protect the growth of their babies together with thousands of families.

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