Daddy Baby was invited to participate in the 2021 Starbucks China Supplier Summit

On April 29, 2021, Daddy’s Baby Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 2021 Starbucks China Supplier Summit and was awarded the “Supplier with Special Contribution to Epidemic Prevention” commendation to thank Daddy’s Baby for its work for Starbucks employees during the 2020 epidemic. Providing protective masks ensures that stores can operate with peace of mind and provide customers with high-quality services and protection in a timely manner.

Innovation·Technology·Sustainable Development” is the theme of this exchange event. Starbucks advocates: “People-oriented, sustainable business development, and care for the earth.” In recent years, Starbucks has piloted smart agriculture solutions in 10 coffee planting villages in Pu’er, Yunnan. Achieve the goals of “good quality, good environment, good community”, promote the sustainable development of coffee planting communities in Yunnan, and help Yunnan coffee farmers grow good coffee and live a good life. Not only that, Starbucks also supports grassroots COVID-19 prevention and control plans, standardizes diagnosis and treatment, provides psychological assistance to front-line protesting medical workers, and conducts health science popularization in the post-epidemic era, building a psychological wall for angels in white. In terms of food safety standards, we are determined to become the most trustworthy company in the field of food safety and quality in China.

Starbucks’ long-term cooperation strategy with Daddy’s Baby coincides with the concept of improving the working environment of the global supply chain and jointly promoting environmental awareness. All along, Daddy Baby has been continuously exploring the core advantages of market competition, conducting long-term strategic cooperation with 12 top suppliers, strictly controlling the quality of imported raw materials, and formulating Daddy Baby product evaluation results. It is also equipped with 8 of Asia’s most advanced fully automatic production lines, and is also the first domestic enterprise to introduce the world’s top diaper production technology – ZUIKO production line. The automatic conveying assembly line and the fully automatic underground garbage treatment center not only achieve efficient production, but also respond to the national call for environmentally friendly production and green production. Therefore, the Daddy Baby Factory has also been rated as an intelligent manufacturing model tourist factory in Fujian Province, bringing new vitality to the diaper industry for green and low-carbon development.

Daddy Baby adheres to intensive cultivation in the supply chain and product research and development, and is committed to developing resource-positive national enterprises, providing quality services and benefiting the people. Purchasing from all over the world, relying on China’s intelligent manufacturing capabilities and product research and development capabilities, it continuously iteratively upgrades its own production line brand products. Designed to protect baby’s delicate skin, parents can choose with confidence and babies can use it comfortably. This is also the brand mission of “making every diaper good and serving every family” that Daddy Baby has been adhering to for more than 16 years.

At the same time, we regard green sustainability as the company’s long-term development strategy, and work with partners and environmental advocates to explore green development solutions. In the field of maternal and infant care industry, we should implement the recognition of the earth, nature and the coexistence of the whole world. In the future, Daddy Baby will continue to achieve strategic cooperation with well-known global brands and continue to accumulate energy for national brands to stand firm in the world.

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