President Sumitomo of Japan visited China for the first time and personally guided in-depth strategic cooperation with Daddy Baby

Insisting on joining hands with industry-leading and benchmarking strategic partners to ensure Daddy’s pursuit and persistence of quality in its products. Following the visits from raw material suppliers such as Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation, Itochu Corporation, Japan’s SDP, and the United States’ 3M, we once again welcomed a senior management delegation from partners of Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation.

On September 9, President Ogawa of Sumitomo Seika Co., Ltd. led a delegation led by the Security Director, General Manager Aoyama, Director Jin, Section Chief Chen Li, and Manager Chen Wenting, as well as Director Shimizu, Director Keicho, Section Chief Chen Zhihui, and Zhu Muwei of ITOCHU Corporation. Visiting Daddy Baby Co., Ltd. to visit and negotiate, Lin Bin, chairman of Daddy Baby Co., Ltd., personally welcomed him.

During this visit and exchange, President Ogawa of Sumitomo Japan personally came to guide in-depth strategic cooperation. It was also his first visit to China.

During the negotiation, President Ogawa expressed that he was more optimistic about the Chinese market. The two parties had in-depth exchanges on the current business cooperation content and new models of future strategic cooperation, discussing new models of strong cooperation and upgrading the international strategy.

As an important raw material supplier for DaddyBaby diapers, we have been working hand in hand with DaddyBaby for 10 years, and in-depth strategic cooperation is also the general trend.

DaddyBaby adheres to the goal of “gathering global resources to support Chinese industries” and controls excellent quality from the source, coupled with refined production and operation processes, to make every diaper good and create more and better products with high-quality ingenuity. products and services.

With the business philosophy of high-quality development, DaddyBaby boldly explores quality management, user experience, service models, etc., dares to innovate, become better and stronger, and controls product quality throughout the entire process including independent research and development, raw material procurement, production and quality inspection, etc., intelligent Manufacturing maximizes production efficiency, reduces production costs, and ensures the output of cost-effective, high-quality domestic products.

In the future, Daddy Baby will comprehensively upgrade its brand image, continue to focus on the field of maternal and infant care products, carefully protect the growth of every baby, make domestic diapers stand among world brands, and accelerate the strategic process and development direction of the international market. Help the domestic sanitary products industry to revitalize and fully develop its manufacturing industry.

About Sumitomo Seika Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Seika Co., Ltd. was founded in 1944. It has always challenged new fields with its never-ending spirit of research and original technology, and has established its current core business in the fields of water-absorbent polymers, functional chemicals and gases. 

Sumitomo Japan is committed to becoming a company that continues to develop globally and continue to contribute to society. Facing the challenges of the future, Sumitomo Japan will continue to respond to global challenges on the basis of creating new businesses and promoting the strengthening of corporate foundations, providing people with a more comfortable, relaxed and healthy living environment, focusing on quality and safety.

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