DaddyBaby supplier quality traceability journey-Toray Co., Ltd.(2)

Second stop: Toray, Japan

TORAY Co., Ltd. was founded in 1926 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is a large-scale chemical company that started with synthetic fibers and synthetic resins and now covers a variety of chemical products and information-related materials. The company slogan is “Innovation by Chemistry” (Chemistry leads innovation and creation).

Japan’s Toray non-woven factory witnesses the birth of the surface layer that is in close contact with baby’s skin. As Asia’s largest spunbond non-woven fabric manufacturer, it mainly exports to multinational companies such as Kao and Kimberly-Clark.

Since the surface layer is in direct contact with the skin, extremely high requirements are placed on safety and cleanliness. The “safety test” style perfectly illustrates that high-end products focus on details. The real-time supervision and delicate testing of precision equipment ensure that every non-woven product leaves the factory. The cloth meets the strict standards of zero defects.

Toray Nonwovens has leveraged its advantages in spunbond nonwovens quality assurance and safe processes, and has in-depth cooperation with DaddyBaby to create functional products with a cotton-soft, water-philic layer. We look forward to the development of new materials, new processes, etc. Deeper discussions and exchanges will lay a solid foundation for subsequent innovation.

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