DaddyBaby gathers momentum on health products to connect the world and win the future together

The Fujian (Quanzhou) Household Paper and Sanitary Products Industry Matchmaking Conference and Exhibition (SPE) was grandly opened at the Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 24. The exhibition lasted for three days. Industry professionals from all over the world gathered in Jinjiang , attend this industry event together!

Based in Fujian, one of China’s important sanitary products and household paper production bases, this exhibition, with the theme of “Gathering Power for Sanitary Products and Connecting the World,” attracted the attention of household paper, sanitary products, raw and auxiliary materials, machinery and equipment and daily necessities from all over the country. More than 200 companies and nearly a thousand brand products related to chemical and sanitary products participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of nearly 10,000 square meters.

This exhibition presents new products and new technologies from upstream and downstream enterprises of sanitary products, and joins hands with global nursing consulting platform, Standard Chartered Bank,, Weibo Fujian, Xiaohongshu, Douyin e-commerce,, Alibaba International, AliExpress, Made in China, TikTok, Lazada, Shopee and other platforms and institutions jointly empower to understand the development direction of the industry, accurately connect supply and demand, and provide industry merchants with a convenient procurement, supply, exhibition and trade platform. Together, we will drive the two-way interaction between household paper and sanitary products companies to “go out and bring in”.

Popularity at the exhibition venue

Ingenuity and extraordinary quality

Relying on its ingenious quality and high-quality brand reputation, Daddy Baby Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition with its series of baby diapers such as Starry Sky, Natural Selection, Qianyu, and Jinpin Selection, as well as its female personal hygiene brand Shanni breathable thin sanitary napkins and other series of products, and Kanglang Adult Diapers are available at booth T35 this time.

As a national brand that has been working in the sanitary products industry for 18 years, DaddyBaby’s unique scene-based display, colorful product structure, well-laid sales channels and young and cohesive team are vividly presented, attracting many peers to come for exchanges and discussions. The booth was very lively and became a highlight of this SPE exhibition!

At this Jinjiang SPE exhibition, DaddyBaby not only exhibited several star diaper series that have enjoyed good reputation in the market, such as Qingshuang Yixia, Natural Selection, and Qianyu, but also brought a series of products from its female personal hygiene brand Shanni. With high-quality product features and unique product design and concepts, Shani series products have captured the admiration and praise of many visiting guests.

We have conducted in-depth insights into the current changes in the female personal hygiene market and found that the current young group has increasingly diverse demands for products. Shanni will continue to iteratively update menstrual pants and sanitary napkins, and through the improvement of technology and materials, girls’ The experience is better. Shanni is not only a women’s menstrual brand, but also a refined girls’ life community, allowing girls to participate in more undefined life rituals, so that more sisters can face menstruation and live a better refined life. , start from the details.

As a professional communication platform for the paper industry and sanitary products, this exhibition brings industry manufacturers, processing plants, and distributors from all over the country to the Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center to grasp the latest market information and the development of the household paper and sanitary products industry, and provide them with Provides a good opportunity for talks, business expansion and communication. At the same time, through this exhibition, Daddy Baby Co., Ltd. has better demonstrated its brand strength, enhanced its brand influence, and will bring better products and services to more consumers in the future.

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