DaddyBaby DODOPOPO Baby Cream Softening Dry Wipes

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  • The high ratio of imported virgin wood pulp and imported cream makes the product softer
  • It adopts multi-molecule water-locking and moisturizing technology to provide long-lasting moisturizing without damaging sebum during wiping. It is more suitable for baby skin and sensitive skin care.
  • The golden ratio of long and short fibers of native wood pulp imported from Canada gives the paper towels better toughness and softness, which is resistant to pulling and not easy to break when wet.
  • Added food-grade bacteriostatic agent, *does not contain harmful substances such as bleach, dioxins, talc powder, etc., so you can wrap food with confidence
  • Passed EU AP food grade testing, US FDA food grade certification, SGS non-irritant certification


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