DaddyBaby Shanney Sanitary Pants/Overnight panties

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1. Silk peptide protein surface layer provides better skin care
Natural silk has natural skin-friendly properties and contains a variety of amino acids and proteins
We integrate silk peptide protein into the skin-friendly layer to provide the first barrier for sisters
It has skin-friendly, anti-allergic, antioxidant and other properties, making it truly as comfortable and natural as your skin.

2. Create a “core” that is light, thin and more traceless
The ultra-thin core is only 0.1cm, which is comfortable against the skin and lightweight. Whether it is exercise or learning, it will make it easier for those who are pregnant during pregnancy.
3. A new experience of dryness and no sensation
The Japanese polymer absorbent core has strong suction and locking properties, instantly absorbs and dries, and the surface is not sticky, so you won’t panic even if you use a large amount.

4. Black technology 3D punching for more breathability
Designed with about 10 million breathable micropores, the air is slightly perforated, soft, comfortable and breathable, so you won’t be bored in summer.



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