Japanese trading companies visited DaddyBaby to communicate and discuss future prospects

Lin Bin, Chairman of Daddy Baby Co., Ltd., met with General Manager Aoyama and Minister Jin of Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, as well as Minister Keichang, Section Chief Chen Zhihui, and Zhu Muwei of Itochu Corporation. Japanese companies visited Daddy Baby for in-depth exchanges. The two parties further consolidated and Reach new consensus on expanding friendly cooperation.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Lin said that Daddy Baby has always adhered to the company strategy of innovation and entrepreneurship. After more than ten years of hard work, it has continuously explored a development path with Daddy Baby characteristics.

In the future, Daddy Baby will continue to uphold the vision of “China’s and the world’s leading national brand” and join hands with top partners around the world to promote the goal of “gathering global resources to help Chinese industries” to a higher level.

First stop:SDP, Japan

It has intelligent manufacturing capabilities comparable to those of major international brands, and controls the entire process of product quality through independent research and development, raw material procurement, production and quality inspection. In order to ensure the quality and shelf life of diapers, DaddyBaby holds high two “innovation banners”:

First, promote international cooperation to support product research and development and production. DaddyBaby spares no expense to reach strategic cooperation with the world’s top 500 suppliers around the world, and controls excellent quality from the source, coupled with refined production and operation processes.

Second, adopt three-dimensional intelligent dust-free storage, with 24-hour supervision for immediate use. The warehousing of raw materials and the outgoing of finished products are all connected by a fully automated track, with a unique “ID card” attached for quick search and use.

Embracing the power of intelligent manufacturing in Industry 4.0

The competition for national strength in the 21st century is no longer the competition of powerful armies and advanced weapons in the traditional sense, but rather the creation of advanced and powerful corporate forces.

DaddyBaby Industry 4.0 intelligent factory realizes creation and subversion from the ground up. Intelligent manufacturing maximizes production efficiency, reduces production costs, and ensures the output of cost-effective, high-quality domestic products.

While implementing refined management, we created the first sightseeing channel so that consumers can see the entire process of diaper production and appreciate the infinite scenery of the garden-style tourist factory.

DaddyBaby is building a benchmark enterprise for Industry 4.0 smart factories in China’s diaper industry. It already has unique technological advantages in the industry in smart manufacturing. It assumes the role of leading the benchmark in the smart era of diapers, drives the industry to achieve leapfrog development, revitalizes national industries, and turns Chinese enterprises into Be stronger and bigger.

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