DaddyBaby supplier quality traceability journey-SDP Global Co.,Ltd.(1)

Mr. Lin Bin, Chairman of Daddy Baby Co., Ltd., led the company’s senior management team to “travel south and north” and embarked on a remarkable journey of long-term strategic cooperation with suppliers to trace their origins.

Under the blue sky, across the Yangtze River Delta, the DaddyBaby executive team conducted in-depth inspections and visits to Henkel, Nordson of the United States, SDP of Japan, TORAY of Japan, and Shell of the United States with higher requirements and higher standards of quality. Long-term strategic partners such as Berry and PFN from the United States have witnessed the productivity behind DaddyBaby’s outstanding quality!

As the first company in China to introduce international advanced equipment, DaddyBaby has gradually built an intelligent manufacturing system that integrates production equipment, intelligent robots, three-dimensional warehousing, anti-crossing systems, and raw material traceability systems into an organic whole over the years, stepping into a fully intelligent manufacturing system. era.

This traceability inspection trip focused on equipment technology and raw material processes. It not only provided an appreciation of the concepts and culture of international chemical factories, but also witnessed the soft power of DaddyBaby’s strategic partnership.

First stop: SDP, Japan

The first stop was the SDP factory, the largest polymer manufacturer in Asia. The core of DaddyBaby diapers is the core. The choice of polymer core is also a key link in determining the performance of DaddyBaby diapers, such as quick drying, absorbency, no clumps and no delamination.

Due to the special properties of polymers, the temperature of the production workshop needs to be maintained in a high-temperature environment for a long time. After the visit, the DaddyBaby executive delegation exchanged opinions with relevant technicians from the quality control center laboratory on the technical indicators and testing methods of raw materials, and shared The application of polymer raw materials and the new product situation were discussed. The nearly 10-year cooperation will further deepen the next step of cooperation.

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