DaddyBaby supplier quality traceability journey-PFN USA.(4)

Fourth stop: PFN, USA

As one of the giants in the global non-woven industry, American PFN Enterprise has the world’s most advanced medical-grade non-woven equipment. The 7 nozzle equipment imported from Germany at a huge investment is shocking. Let’s explore the quality accumulation behind its excellent products.

Entering the workshop, the spectacular sight in front of you is breathtaking. The mechanical equipment is flying and rotating fully automatically. It seems that fully automated manufacturing has become a trend. PFN focuses on technology research and development in its exclusive field, innovating high-density waterproof non-woven fabrics, and various R&D testing experiments strictly control the quality of raw materials and can withstand many tests, making it a leader in the vertical field.

Through inspections and exchanges, DaddyBaby and PFN have cooperated for 7 years, and they are more convinced that good raw materials create good quality. Keeping up with the production rhythm in the era of intelligent technology, DaddyBaby uses a forward-looking strategic layout to realize intelligent manufacturing in China from manufacturing in China, “visualization” from upstream to downstream, and complete the informatization and intelligence of production plan management, process quality control, etc.

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